Amanda Gorman & Jan Volger at Isaac Stern Auditorium

Amanda Gorman & Jan Volger Tickets

Carnegie Hall - Isaac Stern Auditorium | New York, New York

Amanda Gorman & Jan Volger

Come experience Amanda Gorman & Jan Volger for a night of classical heaven this Saturday 17th February 2024 for a limited-time classical music concert at the illustrious Carnegie Hall in New York, New York. This musical experience will bring the masterful compositions of classical’s most popular forefathers to modern day audiences in a beautiful and incredible way. If you save the date and secure your tickets to see the show, then you will be transported to a timeless period in music history that has stood the test of time. One of the top conductors in the industry leads Amanda Gorman & Jan Volger for a timeless show that will be truly breathtaking. So, secure your tickets now, while stocks last!

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Amanda Gorman & Jan Volger at Carnegie Hall - Isaac Stern Auditorium

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