Andres Cepeda at Isaac Stern Auditorium

Andres Cepeda Tickets

Carnegie Hall - Isaac Stern Auditorium | New York, New York

Andres Cepeda

Get your Andres Cepeda t-shirt ready, or whatever fan attire you may have! Because Andres Cepeda is performing LIVE at the iconic Carnegie Hall on Wednesday 1st May 2024. An evening that will surely be marked on your calendar. So book your ticket ASAP and come on down to the Carnegie Hall this May for an incredible night of Latin music by the sensational Andres Cepeda. What a great night out in New York to look forward to! This Wednesday night in May will be one of the greatest live Latin music concerts that New York has to offer. Don't miss out! Make sure you invite friends and family, they won't want to miss this either.

We cant seem to EVER get enough of latin music, it's simply tremendous, for the outrageous joy the music brings to our ears and the works of musical art....So how would it feel watching your FAVOURITE latin act performing live on stage THIS spring!? Pretty neat right! We are sure you would've heard that the spectacular Andres Cepeda, ONLY THE ultimate latin act around...will be touring the US for spring, 2024! Awesome right! Andres Cepeda will provide you with the greatest Wednesday night you've ever had this we suggest you round up the latin lover troops and BOOK YOUR ENTRY right away! Remember to head along to the spectacular, Carnegie Hall, New York, New York on Wednesday 1st May 2024, FIRST OF ALL, look for 'GET TICKETS' icon and follow it instantly! We know this is bound to be another smash hit and supplies of tickets are already dwindling! Do not miss out by forgetting to click buy now!

Andres Cepeda at Carnegie Hall - Isaac Stern Auditorium

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